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Brand Identity, Digital Design



このデザインは冲縄の繁華街に位置するクラブ、王中王(キング オブ キング)のために作成されました。目的は、数多くのネオンサインの中でも目を引き、深い印象を残すことです。抽象的で控えめなイメージを用いて、娯楽施設のパフォーマンスサービスを示唆します。


This design is created for a shop called "王中王" (King of King) located on a bustling street in Okinawa. The objective is to stand out amidst the multitude of neon signs and leave a lasting impression. Through subtle and abstract imagery, it implies the entertainment and performance services offered.

The logo features the characters "王中王" (King of King) and an abstract pattern. It depicts legs provocatively lifting a tie, capturing the essence of pole dance performances. The choice of pure red and white is derived from the traditional Chinese color association with "sensuality," also referencing the idiom "朱唇皓齿" (red lips, white teeth). The use of colors and shapes creates a sense of spatial displacement, while the design of the legs achieves a "half-covered, half-revealed" effect, aligning with the traditional Asian perception of eroticism. By combining Western performing arts with Eastern aesthetics, we have created a unique experience.

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King of king Pattern Design

Poster Design

王中王_画板 1 副本 10.png

Neon light Design

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Client: King of king

Work: Visual Design 

Designer: Zhao yan.

Location: Tokyo

Date: 2022

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