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The hotel is located in the Izu Kogen region of Ito City, Izu Peninsula, near Omuro Mountain, a popular tourist spot, and at the same time nearly 2km from the famous Izu Classic Josaki Coast, with unique sea and mountain views.




After being entrusted with the renovation and operation of a hotel, our company has been working on creating plans for design, management, and operations with the goal of reopening and sustaining successful business in the long run. We have determined that maintaining the previous management approach of "Relaxia Izu Kogen" as it was would risk repeating past mistakes. Therefore, we have decided that a diversified business approach is necessary.




Specifically, we are conducting extensive renovations on the hotel's public spaces. After the reconstruction, some areas will be utilized as event halls and exhibition spaces for collaboration projects with domestic and international artists, showcasing the local culture and attractions of Izu, a famous tourist destination. Additionally, some spaces will be dedicated to introducing restaurant, café, and bar businesses.

Completing the renovation will not only lead to increased revenue for the hotel but also provide positive effects in revitalizing the local economy and promoting tourism. Currently, due to the request for self-restraint as part of the measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a decrease in tourist numbers, impacting the sales of local businesses. The revitalization of the tourism industry will bring about additional benefits in this regard.


洁白的光影博物馆里看海 White light and shadow museum

酒店色彩搭配 软装设计 整体感觉结合周围环境采取了舒适自然的风格 ,家具搭配选择近年流行的极简自然风格,材料用石, 自然涂料,简约的墙面风格凸显家具特色给人带来温馨的度假氛围。

Regarding the hotel’s color matching and soft decoration design, the overall feeling is combined with the surrounding environment to adopt a comfortable and natural style. The furniture matching chooses the minimalist natural style popular in recent years. The building materials use stone and natural paint to mix the simple wall style to highlight the furniture characteristics. Give people a warm holiday atmosphere.


整体采用简洁的白色墙面,利用线条的几何空间和 观赏窗的运用,加以室内植物的点缀,打造一个 简洁时尚的新博物馆建筑。

我和你相约阳光下,坐在博物馆里看海,你看着海 我看着你,就是最美的风景。

The overall use of simple white walls, the use of geometric space of lines and the use of ornamental windows, and the decoration of indoor plants, create a simple and fashionable new museum building.

I meet you in the sun, sitting in the museum and watching the sea, you look at the sea and I look at you, it is the most beautiful scenery.

 1F大膽的拆除原有的大面積客房設計,將玄關空間放大與室外空間結合成可全開玻璃門設計,打造出可供住店客人休閑的光影博物館咖啡。 大大提高了一樓的開放性同時,給客人提供了更多公共空間。 1F樓梯處結合原有大落地窗設計,重新製作全玻璃樓梯間,並在樓梯空隙處種植室內植物,室內室外遙相呼應。

1F boldly demolished the original large-area guest room design, and combined the entrance space enlargement with the outdoor space into a fully openable glass door design, creating a light and shadow museum coffee for hotel guests to relax. It greatly improves the openness of the first floor and at the same time provides more public space for guests. The 1F staircase combines the original large floor-to-ceiling window design, and re-makes the all-glass staircase, and plant indoor plants in the gap of the staircase, which echoes the indoor and outdoor.

 ​2F把原有較浪費的公共空間的一部分改造成為海景房, 利用餐廳現有段差設計成下陷樣式觀景餐廳。 結合鏡面設計打造極具現代感的博物館觀感設計,同時二樓的大面積海景窗設計,讓自然海景成為這座博物館最美畫作。

​2F transforms a part of the original wasteful public space into a sea view room, and uses the existing gap of the restaurant to design a sunken view restaurant. Combining the mirror design to create a very modern museum look and feel, and the large sea view window design on the second floor makes the natural sea view the most beautiful painting in this museum.

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