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The Izu Tamazo Garden project is an old hot spring ryokan located in Izu Toi. Through renovation, we are refurbishing one of the suites with a private hot spring, combining modern and Japanese design styles. We have preserved the charm of the original architecture and used natural wood, black, and brown tones to create a unique atmosphere in the room. This suite blends modern and traditional design elements, providing a comfortable and cozy accommodation experience. The private hot spring is a highlight, allowing guests to enjoy the relaxation and therapeutic effects of the hot spring in a private setting. The renovation of the Izu Tamazo Garden project aims to provide guests with a unique and memorable accommodation experience, catering to various needs.


IZU 伊豆


This design project is located in the Tamaki Garden Hotel in Izu Toi, Japan, a local cultural heritage building. The original guest room was the old landlord's resting room, with an elegant Japanese courtyard outside. In the southwest corner of the courtyard is a circular hot spring pool made of cypress wood. Based on this view, we connected the upstairs room and designed a duplex new Japanese-style courtyard hot spring room. On the first floor, combining traditional Japanese style storage, a clever staircase design was made. This not only solves the circulation problem of traditional Japanese architecture but also transforms it into a decorative device. The Japanese room on the first floor retains its original feel, combined with the elegant courtyard, showcasing the beauty of the four seasons.




Going up to the second floor, you will see a space that blends modern style with a new Japanese style. The living room of the 70s Japanese Showa style is combined with a modern water bar, retaining the Japanese style while adapting to modern lifestyles. The second floor also has a separate bathroom and a Japanese room equipped with a solid bed. The combination of a solid bed and tatami has become a symbol of the new Japanese style. In addition, we designed a semi-enclosed tea room space with a raised ceiling. This 500mm high space not only serves as a chair but also adds a new idea to the traditional Japanese room. From here, you can not only enjoy the beauty of the courtyard on the first floor but also have a distant view of the mountains and stones. The Stone Garden, as its name suggests, is a space where there is a garden in the stone and a stone in the garden, warm and tranquil.

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