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东方韵味与现代艺术交织----日本中野的独特精品店设计 An Interweaving of Oriental Charm and Modern Art---The Unique Boutique Store Design in Nakano, Japan



An Interweaving of Oriental Charm and Modern Art---The Unique Boutique Store Design in Nakano, Japan

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Nestled in the bustling streets of Nakano, Japan, a distinctive boutique store stands out, defying the conventional rules of retail design. The three-story shop boasts unique characteristics on each floor while maintaining an overall coherent design language. What captures the eye is the innovative use of marble, metal, and wood, creatively revealing the boutique's luxurious, dignified character and contemporary flair.

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KCL LOGO各种版本_画板 1 副本 11_edited.png
KCL LOGO各种版本_画板 1 副本 11_edited.png

デザイン Design


The ground floor is dedicated to a high-end watch store, impressing with its design philosophy and material application. At the entrance, freestanding display cases are smartly integrated with the wall, optimising space while instantly captivating visitors' attention. This eye-catching design piques interest and invites further exploration into the store. As visitors delve deeper, a semi-circular skylight design ingeniously conceals existing ceilings, beams, and pipes, creating spatial layers and fresh dynamics. Here, the independent display area showcases each exquisite piece, offering ample exhibition space for these valuable items. The fusion of metal and marble echoes the traditional Chinese technique of "gold encasing jade," adding sophistication and texture to the entire space.

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The second floor functions as a vintage bag store, retaining the metallic edge design while replacing stony materials with wood. This shift gives the space a fresh look while preserving the integrity of the design. Of particular note is the arch-shaped grotto cabinet design that enhances the aesthetic appeal while tempering the rigidity of the metallic elements, complementing the display of vintage bags.




The lighting design throughout the space is equally meticulous. Lights transition from bright to dim, demarcating different areas, offering visitors a more comfortable and pleasant shopping experience. The third floor serves as an office space, whose design details and material choices maintain design consistency while providing enough professionalism and comfort for a working environment.

This boutique store design incorporates the essence of Eastern and Western cultures, respecting and exploiting the unique characteristics of each element, forming a unique design language. The perfect fusion of visual experience and functionality is truly worthy of the name "boutique store." This is a design practice where humanization and artistic qualities are equally emphasized. Its stunning debut in Nakano, Japan, leads a new wave of design trends.

KCL LOGO各种版本_画板 1 副本 11_edited.png
KCL LOGO各种版本_画板 1 副本 11_edited.png
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